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SEO Shopping Carts to Rank in the Search Engines

For a website owner when planning the web design, the objective of any shopping cart is to allow visitors to shop at a website for products they want. Not all search engines have the same capabilities.

Some search engines are able to navigate through dynamic sites while others are not. Sometimes the search engines that are able to navigate through dynamic sites have problems indexing and navigating through the entire site.

These factors eliminate many shopping websites from the search engine result pages or limit the possibility of their advancement by SEO to the top of the search engine result pages. For a business to be competitive on the WWW, all of its pages need to be indexed and developed correctly.

Many website owners in the past have had to find a company that could optimize their site, create landing pages that focused upon a product or category, or use any number of other means to elevate the shopping cart site in the search engines. These tactics have worked successfully, but the search engines want pages that are of unique value to present to their clients. Dynamic sites impede the model search engines desire.

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Designers And Marketers Are One and the Same

An excellent point raised over at Bokardo, which reminds us of a fact we sometimes lose sight of: that designers are marketers. Especially in web design, that’s a controversial point. Sure, the “tech geeks” who spend their days slinging pixels and hacking AJAX code tend to bristle a little at the marketing types, who breeze by in their suits and ties and golf tans on their way to another power lunch, but we have to acknowledge that the product of our work is the first thing every potential customer sees.

The thing that makes the boundary between web design and marketing so distinct is the kind of people each profession attracts. Marketers – the people who work in ‘sales’ – are a different breed. They’re social, talkative, interactive, open, friendly, and persuasive. Web designers, on the other hand, spend all of their time working with machines and designing abstract things like software and graphics on them. So they’re likely to be introverted, intellectual, solitary, analytical, and strong on communications but weak on personality skills.